On April 30th, I thought May was going to be an exceptionally ugly month. May 1st proved me wrong.

1) The server migration is pretty much done. All the stuff has been moved from the old to the new and things seem to be ok on the web side of things. I’m still updating passwords and things for email and user accounts though, so that’s going to be ongoing for a bit. But even with that, the migration worked very well. Not anything to complain about there.

2) For the 5th time in my life, I’m attempting to get school finished. I think it may actually work this time. Classes started on Wednseday and I’m looking forward to seeing some old professor friends and co-workers again. It’s all just a test of time now. I need to get these degrees done. Financial aid should work out for summer and fall, so that’s all good going forward…

3) After having searched for a job for the last year and a half, I FINALLY got out of the unemployment pool. I’ve been offered a part-time design position up at Brigham Young University and it’ll work around my school schedule, so it’s all good there. They’ll never have a lack of work there either, so there’s little worry of downsizing for that reason. At least I won’t lose the car. I like my car. And that’s a happy thing.

Life may actually be a good thing here in a bit. Won’t that be good for a change? :)