Short version: No comic this week.

Long version: WonderCon Anaheim 2013 has come and gone. It was an excellent convention! Last year when I went, it was mostly a downer, so having a good, productive and fun convention was a very good thing. I went to a lot of really great panels that provided a pile of great advice on how to do things better with regards to comic publishing and production.   It also gave me some things to think about for things like storyline and things. It’s good to hear ideas from people that have done things successfully in the comics world. That got me pondering things with the comic.  I’ve been really bad about figuring out things for Beyond Neverwonder, so getting some new ideas was a good thing.  I had an exceptionally non-specific idea of where Chapter 3 was going, but I came to a better conclusion for direction while at WonderCon. That means that I had the art for a page ready, but now I need to tweak that page so that the direction works better. So things are going to be off for a bit while I work this concept and get something nailed down from a creative end.

Things will be off a bit more too since I’ll be in Las Vegas for another convention, the NABShow, this coming week. It’s for “real work,” so my time for artstuffs will be messed up for the coming weekend.

Just working through things, but hopefully after all the WonderCon goodness, things will be moving in a better direction.