Oh how life can get away from you. Spring semester at school really killed me with homework. It was a really bad semester for schedules getting screwed up. I had 4 teachers, three of which were under some dilusion that they were the only class that I had and that I had plenty of time to spend like 30 hours a week on just their class. Yes, times three. 90 hours a week. Not to mention that I have to work at least 30 hours a week. Mind you, that’s 120 hours a week. Weeks in MY universe only have 168 hours in them. The demanding schedule really killed any “extracurricular” activities that I had. The comic suffered the most.

After the semester ended, I got tossed into uber-deadline mode at work, so things got killed again…

Today is the first day AFTER all the deadlines. Things will hopefully be much more dead around here for a while. (At least until the semester starts up again in August.)

While I’m sure all three of you that are reading the comic are slightly miffed that I haven’t updated in like 4 months, I’m finally at a point where I can try to get back into the “groove” and get things goign again. I’m hoping to have a new page up for Monday.

Here’s to hoping. ::crosses fingers::