Today is Saturday, my drawing day for the comic, but there hasn’t been much drawing today.  Let me tell you why.

A few weeks back, we had a really nasty freezing rain here in Utah. I had been going to my car first thing in the morning and slipped on the black ice on the walkway from the front door to the driveway.  I landed pretty hard on my shoulder, causing my brand new iPad mini to go sliding across the driveway (fortunately face up, so the back was all that got scratched up).  What I didn’t know until about a week or so later was that my backpack had hit the ground pretty hard as well.  My MacBook Pro had taken a pretty nasty shot on one of the corners, buckling and cracking the aluminium on various sides of the body and ruining the hinge for the screen.  With the laptop being 3-ish years old, there was no good way to fix it so waited for my tax returns to arrive so I could get a replacement. I got a 15″ MacBook Pro with the Retina Screen to replace my old 17″ MacBook Pro.  It’s much better than the old computer (which is now relegated to being a “desktop” since the screen is having problems opening and closing after the fall), though it has a small hard drive, so I need to work with some better drive solutions, but those will come.

It always takes me a good chunk of a day to get a new computer set up. Reinstalling programs. Moving files. Setting preferences up again.  It’s just a long process. Now, I’m all for new computers, but the time it takes to get things going again is always long. The only benefit that I have this week is that we have President’s Day on Monday and I have the day off. Losing a day today, I should be able to make it up on Monday and hopefully be ready for Tuesday.

I’m crossing my fingers at least.