Just wanted to give the world an update.  With all the stuff that happened this weekend, from the lengthy setup time for the new computer to some minor re-organization in my room at home to a freelance project that I’ve been neglecting that needed to be done, the time I had this weekend all got eaten up and it’s not looking like there’s going to be a new page this week.  Instead of trying to rush something, I figure it’ll be a better thing to put it off a week and do the page properly.

The good news is that the new computer is mostly set up.  The drawing space in my room is a bit more usable now. And the freelance project got done, so that’s all good.  (And I was able to relocate all of my comic books to be in a much more accessible location too.) All in all, a pretty good weekend, even if a page didn’t get done.

Now that all this fun is out of the way, there shouldn’t be anything holding up the page for next week.  :: crossing fingers ::