Ah, spring. Yes, it’s spring time brings with it all sorts of wonderful things… Like alergy season. I hate sneezing.

Beyond major sneezing fits, spring also brings with it things like the coming of Summer Semester at school. For those not in the know, when I was in college back 12 years ago, I never had the opportunity to finish my degree. I was exceptionally close. I had one class left for my Associate of Science in Graphic Design and the school then had no Bachelor degrees. (It was just a community college then.) Life just got in the way and I was never able to get that last class finished up. And then the college changed from being a community college to being a state college. The requirements for my degree changed and made it so that I’d have to take a TON of new stuff that wasn’t there before. WIth the prospect of having to pretty much start my degree over, I kept away from school.

Then in early 2006, I attempted to return to school. I was in Kansas at the time and the community college there had my degree set up so that all I’d need to do is take five general ed classes and I’d be done with my Associates degree. I started classes. I was even accepted at the University of Kansas into their BFA program for the Fall. Then, as life tends to do, things fell apart out there, and school was again put on hold.

Now it’s 2007 and I’m staring at the prospect of school again. My original college has since adjusted the degree requriements yet again, and now I only have six classes to finish my AS degree. Better still, after those 6 classes are done, I have 18 or so classes to finish my Bachelors. (Sillier still, it’s a Bachelors of Science in Art. Yeah, go figure.)

I’m hoping that life works out this time. I need to get this thing done. More for the reason that no one seems to want to hire a graphic designer today that doesn’t have the piece of paper… I’d like to have real work again. As fun as sitting around doing next to nothing is, I’d rather be doing something productive.

::achoo!:: That one’s for free.