This week has been rather funky. Beyond last weekend’s bout of convention work that prevented the comic updates (if you’re curious what took all my time, head on over to the Anime Banzai website), this has just been rather tiring this week. I decided that I needed to work on something unrelated to everything. I pulled this out of the archives. I did the original version of this in 1992, right after Mortal Kombat came out.I had been watching Tenchi a lot back then, and it kinda fit… Now, MK has changed quite a bit over the years and with all the changes in the last 16 years, I decided that it was time for an update. So here’s Ryoko Kombat Armageddon!

Ryoko Kombat Armageddon
by *tekitsune on deviantART

Beyond that, I do have sketches for the next comic going. I just need to finish some clean up. There should be somethign new on Monday. Until then, enjoy Ryoko. :)