I have to apologize yet again. There won’t be a comic this week. Yeah, that’s nothing new, is it? This weekend was just crazy. Moreso than usual since it’s the weekend before school starts again. First I had a con planning meeting up in Salt Lake City, then I had a bunch of stuff that I ended up having to do that prevented any art from happening.

One really big something that I got done was getting AtomicFoxtail Studios, the company that I publish all the fun stuff here from, set up as an LLC (that’s a Limited Liability Company for those that have never hear that before). Now the company is actually real and if/when the time comes, I’ll actually be able to hire extra people and have them on payroll. It’s nice to finally be “official”.

I’ve also been working on some prep stuff for the Artist’s Alley at Anime Banzai in October. More just prelim type stuff. I need to come up with some more “popular” stuff to sell too. I’ve got a lot of “old school” stuff, but little new anime-related stuff. Having never been in the Artist’s Alley, it’s going to be a trip I’m sure. Of course, I’m staffing as well, so I’ll be doing triple duty as well, helping staff the AA itself and then running the Print and Production department from my AA table, but that’s ok. I’ll be happy if I sell anything, but I’m not getting high hopes. We’ll see what happens.

So, as is par for the course around here, there’s nothing to see this week, but I’ll be working on a new page for next week… Hopefully school staring on Wednesday won’t through everything off.

Until then, enjoy Alice in her rolled-up state. :)