Just some generic thoughts from last night. Things are going ok. School is proving to be a lot of interesting. My Photography class is exactly as I figured it. I’ve done all this stuff before, so it’s all fairly simple stuff. Taking Black and White picts for a change and then having to use actual film again is fun. Then my Philosophy class, Ethics and Values, is going good. I have a good teacher for it. There are a lot of teachers that make that class a drudgery. It’s nice seeing one that has a bit of brains when it comes to teaching a class like that. (Granted, I have it a bit easier than most of the other students. I’ve lived through the Ethics and Values class a few times. Twice as the graphics person for the telecourse and once through a normal class that I never had a chance to finish cause they kept scheduling telecourse tapings in the middle of it.) Fortunately I know the subject matter batter than most of the other students. Whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen.

The only pain that I’m waiting on is to see if Financial Aid money for Summer is going to come through. For some silly reason, the school never gets summer figured out until AFTER the semester has started. So I’ll be in a bit of a corner if they do something stupid and I don’t get my money. If things work out, my Associates should be done in the Fall. And if things work out and I get all the money the guys at the Financial Aid office say I should, I’ll be able to get all the supplies that I’ve been missing… including a new laptop. Nothing fancy. I just need something that I can take notes with and be able to do little projects on. I’m looking at the low-end or middle Macbook. We’ll have to see if that works out. I’m hoping so.

Then there’s work. It’s sooooooo nice to be doing print stuff again. I’m loving the fact that there’s a bunch of different things that I get to do with my new job and the fact that they are used to students being in the job, so I can work around my class schedule. Of course, it’s strange to be working on the other side this time. I’ve worked so much at UVSC where I’ve been going to school. To be working at BYU makes things a lot more interesting. The atmosphere is totally different. There’s a lot more intellegence over at BYU. And the benefits are much better than over at UVSC.

Overall, things are going ok for a change.