So, this last week, I was on vacation. First vacation in over a year. As my family tends to do, we head to Disneyland. While the family chills there, I head down to the San Diego Comic-Con for a day or two. Thursday was my Comic-Con day. I needed to hook up with Richard and Wendy of Elfquest fame, to discuss the upcoming web revamp. I was also taking my brother Dana to see the con for the first time. We left Anaheim at around 7:20 am and get on the 5 Freeway. Going ok, until we’re about to get to San Onofre. Then the traffic stops. And stops. And stops…..

4 hours later, we finally get to the reason why the traffic had been throughly killed. At 5:09am, a Vons grocery truck was driving along when it hit a mini-van that was parked on the side of the road. It had been in an accident earlier and was unoccupied, but being hit at 65+MPH, it created quite the mess. The big rig slammed into the van, tossing it up the hill about 30 feet, then the rig rolled a couple of times before the gas tanks finally burst into flames. The driver got out before it went up fortunately. However, the fire from the tanks lit the brush on the side of the road and ended up burning 4 acres of brush and torched the mini-van.

When we finally got to the accident, around 11:30am, 4 hours after we left on a 2 hour drive, traffic was still pretty much reduced to one lane.

Yes, that’s one lane, with rush hour traffic from L.A. to San Diego AND people coming down for the first day of the Comic-Con.

All told, it took about 5 1/2-6 hours to get to San Diego. I was only able to spend about an hour at the convention cause we had to be back in Anaheim for a dinner appointment. I did get to hook up with Richard and Wendy. That was pretty much it.

The only GOOD thing that happened all day was being able to finally hit up the In-N-Out. I sooooooo needed a 4×4 after all that driving.

Now that the vacation and the adventures associated with it are done, I really NEED to get back to drawing. I’ve been a total slacker. Yes, I know. I suck. I need to get something done this week.